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What is Asian Handicap?
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Information about Asian Handicap

After a tough week at work, there's nothing quite like watching your favorite sports team play to help you unwind. Whether you're an ardent fan of a particular football team or instead hold a more general interest, it's never long until the next big game. Some of us, of course, also like to have a little extra interest in the form of a bet to ramp up excitement levels. There are a myriad of betting options to choose from, such as typical win bets, half time / full time and so on, but here we'll be concentrating on Asian Handicap bets.

An Asian Handicap bet is a type of spread betting that involved levelling the field by factoring in a teams perceived chance of winning. So if a high flying football team is taking on a relegation zone side, the handicap would reflect that fact and the wager would be dependant upon how the actual result compared to the perceived likeliest outcome.

To illustrate how this plays out in real life, let's say that the Asian Handicap odds for an event (a Premier League football match in this case) are as followers:

Arsenal - 1.5

Norwich City +1.5

In this example, due to the prior performances and ability of each team, Norwich City have been awarded a +1.5 goal advantage (and Arsenal a -1.5 disadvantage). This means that to win the bet, rather than the game itself, Arsenal are required to win by two goals - the first whole number after 1.5. Being that Arsenal have effectively been deducted 1.5 goals, should the game end as a draw for instance, or even 1 - 0 to Arsenal, and you'd bet on them via this handicap, you would lose. If, on the other hand, they won 2-0 you'd win the bet as the team would've overcome the handicap.

There can be different degrees of handicap in Asian Handicap betting, such as 0.5 and quarter handicap bets. These are also known as 'split handicaps' where the initial bet is split between two separate handicaps.

Asian handicap betting can appeal to those who think that an underdog has a bigger chance of winning than is generally thought. By the same token, if a punter believes that a team is going to blow another one away regardless of the handicap placed upon them, this bet once again might be ideally suited to their needs. It's an approach where, depending on the handicap in place, you don't by default have to always win the game itself to win the bet.


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