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Let's beat the bookies
- By Gareth

Information about surebets

Typically with bookmakers the betting market is formulated in such a way that placing a bet on all events will not result in a profit. This stands to reason of course as these companies exist to make a profit (this is known as the 'over-round' - the profit margin on the price offered by bookies). There are ways around this though. Often known as arbitrage betting, surebets involve calculating how to place bets where losing simply isn't a possible outcome. Sounds perfect, right?

So where exactly is this pot of gold for the taking, you may ask? Well the surebet angle comes from the fact that there are countless bookmakers and betting exchanges out there, and while the odds are typically relatively uniformed across these sites, there are often still slight (or occasionally more significant) differences between them. In taking advantage of these differences the over-round can be overcome and so it's possible to get into an advantageous 'no lose gamble' situation.

Let's look at an example:

Decimal odds:

Bookie  1       Bookie  2

Team 1   1.26       1.45
Team 2   3.8         2.82

As can be deduced above, if you placed a bet with a single bookmaker on 'both' teams/eventualities, you'd lose. This is known as the overround and is how the bookmakers make their profit. However, if you instead elected to bet on team one with bookmaker two, and team two with bookmaker one there is room for profit. This diversence of viewpoint between different bookmakers is what you're taking advantage of.

The profit in surebets can be comparatively slight compared to the bets placed, but as it's effectively guaranteed profit this isn't always a concern. There are surebet calculators online to simplify finding and understanding this type of opportunity.

So are there any drawbacks? Yes, one is that in a fast paced betting environment, odds can change at quite some speed, especially as it's not in bookmakers interests to offer surebet opportunities. Should you place part of the bet and the odds quickly change before you have placed the rest, you may find yourself stuck with a bet that you didn't want where you can indeed lose.

Another issue is that it's not always easy to find surebets, or those that you do find are fairly marginal in nature and so there is a need to decide whether the monetary reward exceeds the effort. Still, as stated there are websites out there that highlight surebet opportunities and so in the right circumstances surebets can certain reward you for your efforts. Besides, it's not often in betting that anyone is offered a no lose gamble.


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